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Ken Ziegler

Loan Officer Austin

Founder Ken Ziegler has served the Austin area as a loan officer for more than five years. As a Certified Mortgage Advisor, Ken is committed to the most rigorous training, education, and ethical standards in the industry.

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About Town Lake Lending

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Kenneth Ziegler

Founder & Loan Officer

NMLS #1642659

In my five years as a loan officer in Austin, I’ve operated by a simple philosophy: help others live their best life.

For home buyers, this means providing an experience that helps you feel confident, comfortable, and informed. For Realtors, this means ensuring home loans close on time with lots of proactive communication from me.

Town Lake Lending is a boutique home loan lender serving clients, Realtors, and investors throughout the Austin area and the Lone Star State. At Town Lake Lending, we strive for excellence:

  • Excellence at providing home buyers with a tailored approach to securing a home loan.
  • Excellence in sourcing highly competitive mortgage interest rates from our national network of wholesale mortgage lenders.
  • Excellence in educating and empowering home buyers to make informed financial decisions about their future.
  • Excellence in providing a positive and memorable home loan experience.
  • Excellence in helping realtors feel like their clients are well taken care of.

We fully pre-approve all clients upfront, then proactively advocate for them to the listing agent. This brings unmatched peace of mind for both buyers, who know their expected monthly payment and maximum purchase price, and sellers, who know offers from our clients are safe and secure.

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